At Inversion we story telling in all it's forms but find it frustrating when many talented creators cannot afford to have their ideas realized due to the immense costs of production.   We believe that strong story and character should be paramount, with visuals that blend seamlessly, complimenting the story. With this in mind, we decided to set up Inversion Studio because we believe audiences deserve better.

We want to see layered characters and evocative stories that have the potential to branch out into multiple media platforms (Film, TV & Games), without spending millions.  For us these tools and workflows didn't exist, so we decided to create them.  We achieve this via a singular workflow utilizing an Open Source, Real-Time, Procedural and Cloud based approach throughout a projects production.


Inversion Studio is able to utilize artistic talent worldwide whilst maintaining a highly experienced core team of creatives locally all using our streamlined tools.   We believe Inversion Studio will massively reduce digital content creation costs by empowering one studio to oversee the whole process, coming in to a project as early as possible. 
Whether it's Pre and/or Post production work, or helping an entire project all the way through the process, we see ourselves as Digital Content Creation Partners.  

This will enable current and emerging content creators to achieve what they thought was once impossible.  The hope, to open up a new demographic of content creators, breaking down social barriers who can create content anywhere in the world.



The Inversion team has 40+ years post production experience working in Film, Television, Advertising and Commercials

We have been producing our own internal content which gives the unique understanding of both the creative and technical aspects of a project.

Arvind Sond


Arvind Sond has spent the last two decades innovating,  problem solving and implementing some of the most advanced visual effects pipelines in the world.  His workflows have served the likes of Technicolor, Spin and Rocket Science in Canada, as well as MPC, Cinesite & Framestore in London.  Arvind’s desire and passion for filmmaking, writing and directing prompted him to figure out the best workflows that would encompass the entire content creation process through Pre, Prod & Post.  Arvind's vast technical knowledge will help Inversion be the very best option when it comes to Directors, Supervisors and Producers who wish to work in a creative environment not limited by bottlenecks often experienced in the visual effects and content creation industry.