We love film and digital content but find it frustrating when many talented creators cannot afford to have their ideas realised due to the immense costs of production.  
We believe that strong story and character should be paramount with the visuals that blend seamlessly and complement the story.   

With this in mind, we decided to set up Inversion Studio because we believe audiences deserve better.   
We want layered characters and evocative stories that have the potential to branch out into multiple media platforms without spending millions.  

We achieve this via a unique pipeline/workflow that allows us to utilise real-time engines and GPU rendering.  

The Future.....We believe Inversion will revolutionise digital content creation costs by empowering one studio to oversee a larger portion of the process.  This will enable current and emerging content creators to have bigger budget ideas realised for a fraction of the cost.

Our hope is to breakdown social barriers and allow a new demographic of creatives to emerge.


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